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Black in a White World

The experiences on this here are only snapshots, but hopefully enough to spark your curiosity! A longer list of topics can be find within the Say It Louder Handbook .

Ain't I A Woman?: Blackness and Gender

Blacks Got to Be Free: Struggle and Liberation Across the World

The USA - Civil Rights, not Human Rights

"By expanding our understanding of who the courageous were, it suggests who will lead us today: welfare moms, high school students, and church ladies, rural and urban, men and women, teenagers to octogenarians. This more beautiful and terrible history asks us to see our past differently and our future anew — a history for a better world."

Saying It Loud: Voices of Today

Say It Louder: Spoken Word, Activism and Liberation

A showcase of Black performers and activists who are tackling the issues - from the personal to the global - in their own way.

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Our Next Event: Oct 10th 2020

Say It Louder USA: Time To Change

Past Events

Our event from 12th September 2020

Videos from our past events will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, featuring:

~C. A. Williams
~Sommer Jade
~Rohan Samuel
~Mark 'Mr T' Williams
~Mr Milise
~Veronica E. Poet
~Tré Ventour
~Zed Regal
~Norva MacIntosh
and more