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Black in a White World: Experiences of Race and Trauma

"The Psychosis of Whiteness is a documentary film that sheds light on society's perceptions of race and racism by exploring cinematic representations of the slave trade... Rather than blaming the powerful institutions that are responsible for slavery, these films rewrite history by praising those same institutions for abolishing the slave trade." Wider discussions of chattel slavery, its long impact upon Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas, including their indigenous peoples, are way beyond the scope of this resource. Everyone is encouraged to do their own thorough research and share their story.

Disclaimer: the experiences on this resource are not comprehensive, but hopefully enough to spark your curiosity! A longer list of topics can be find within the Say It Louder Handbook . If you have an experience or perspective that you want to share, send a message to [email protected]

Ain't I A Woman?: Blackness and Gender

Blacks Got to Be Free: Tales of Struggle and Liberation

The USA - Civil Rights, not Human Rights

"...we ignore the amazing courage, strength and brilliant leadership of ‘regular’ people"

"By expanding our understanding of who the courageous were, it suggests who will lead us today: welfare moms, high school students, and church ladies, rural and urban, men and women, teenagers to octogenarians. This more beautiful and terrible history asks us to see our past differently and our future anew — a history for a better world."

Saying It Loud: Present-Day Voices

Mark your calendar, tell your friends, it's time for

Say It Louder: Poetry, Music and Liberation

We will be showcasing Black performers and activists who are tackling the big issues from around the world.

There will also be time to talk about issues that are affecting us today. How can we make change? What is the role of artists? What can we all do? Everyone is welcome in the discussion.

When?: Every second Saturday of the month.

[Update: recordings will be available soon. THANK YOU to everyone who made it a great time]

Our Next Event -
Saturday 8th August

19:30-21:30 UTC+1
14:30-16:30 EST

Hosted by rising talent Marly Liman, and featuring from the USA:
~C. A. Williams
~Sommer Jade

as well as poetry from across the UK:
~Lakehall 'Rohan' Samuel
~Mark 'Mr T' Williams
~Tré Ventour
~Zed Regal

with vocals from
~Norva MacIntosh

More artists will be performing in our open mic to close the event. Don't forget to join in the discussion!

Meeting ID: 885 9125 7226
Passcode: 419132